Among all table games that are offered in any Internet casino, baccarat is definitely the easiest variant. It is often recommended to those who just begin to discover the rich casino world. Baccarat in online casinos is a game with virtual cards that are placed on the virtual table by the random generator or by the real dealer in the live version. The rules of the game are simple and basically, nothing depends on the gamer, so everyone can learn how to play fast.

The baccarat casino online table

As all card casino games use quite similar gaming attributes – a table, cards, and chips. They are present in baccarat as well and the gamer can see them on his screen. The layout of the table dictates players how they will be located and where they should click:

  • one gamer or several gamers if the game allows are located at the bottom of the table and each has a particular mark for himself;
  • the virtual dealer is placed at the top of the table;
  • the place of the gamer has several circles where each is dedicated to a particular bet;
  • cards are placed in the middle of the screen.

If the participants would like to see the history of the table games while they were in, they should check the corner of their screen for that data.

How to play baccarat online

The main principle of the game goes like this: in the competition between the banker and the gamer, one wins, the other loses, or they can be even. Baccarat bets are corresponding. While the successful bet of the victory of the gamer pays 1-to-1, the bet on the banker’s victory has a commission of 5 %. The gameplay is the following:

learn how to play baccarat
  1. the first step is for gamers to make their bets and place chips into the corresponding cell;
  2. as the second step, the dealer grants each gamer two face-up cards and finishes the circle with himself;
  3. as the third step, the calculation happens: faces and 10s equal zero, aces equal one, and other cards equal their nominal;
  4. the fourth step depends on how many points the gamer obtained in those two cards: if the count is 10 and more, the first digit of the count is dropped and the count equals the second one; if the count is 6-8, nothing happens; if the count is 5 and less, an additional card is added and the count is made again;
  5. the fifth step is made by the dealer and depends on the fourth one of the gamer; if the gamer stays with the same cards, the same counting rules are applied to the dealer; if the gamer gets an extra card, the dealer acts depending on the number on the gamer’s third card and his own count;
  6. as the sixth step, the final calculation happens and the count nearer to 9 (or 8 in some versions) wins.

Everything about this game is intuitive and clear, so everyone can learn it fast. The betting system offers incredible odds of the main two bets. The bets are opposite, therefore when one bet succeeds, the other loses and the chances are nearly 50/50.

Versions of baccarat

Baccarat has different variants of the game that offers unique features:

  1. Punto Banco is the most common game that is usually picked to learn how to play baccarat online; its variations include mini-baccarat, super 6/punto 2000, and EZ baccarat – each of these styles also has some unique characteristic;
  2. Chemin De Fer is the French version where the banker/dealer place is taken by participants one by one;
  3. Baccarat Banque – the banker/dealer position place is taken by one gamer until he refuses it;
  4. Macao – one card is got face-down.

Canadian gamers can find all versions in online casinos.