Video poker is the online version of poker. This is a combo of a famous card game and a slot. Online free video poker machine games are extremely popular in Canada. People that wish to understand poker but hesitate to try its real-cards version, can play poker machines for free. It will give them the knowledge of the game and the experience they need.

Free video poker machine games in Canada

Canadians can play all machines of this type as gambling is legal in the country. In no download free video poker slot machine games, the slot is your rival. BetSoft and Microgaming games of this type are loved by gamblers of Canada.

The poker hand value table and payouts are always on display, but in practice, the payouts are the most traditional. There is a Royal Flush at the top, slightly smaller wins are paid by the Flush, Flush, and so on. Some games start paying out winnings on a big pair already. In special games, on the other hand, the biggest wins may be obtained with, for example, four Deuces.

In general, the course of poker is generally as follows:

free video poker machine
  • Gamblers use 52 cards. If the Jokers are also included, more cards are played.
  • The gambler must choose the bet and click to share — the slot will give 5 random cards to him.
  • The player of any free video poker machine games must decide on the card (s) he wants to keep, the rest will be removed from the game.
  • Further, he will be dealt new random cards from the remaining deck.
  • If this hand contains the card combination found in the paytable, he wins.

The size of the pot depends on the hand’s value.

Popular in Canada video poker games

There are different versions of free video poker slot machine games that Canadians can play with no registration.

  • Jacks or Better. The goal is to get the best possible 5 card hand. A pair of Jacks or a larger pair wins. This is the game of high variance.
  • Joker Poker. The goal is to get the best possible 5-card hand in one turn. There is one joker in the deck that discards any other card.
  • Deuces Wild. There can be up to 4 jokers in total in the deck. Deuces are Wilds (jokers).

So there are many versions in video poker as well, and as mentioned earlier, game makers still have their own nuances. That is why it is worth checking the rules before settling on the table. Besides, this type of poker can be played with bonuses from a casino. Always use this option when it is offered. You will never regret it. Bonuses for video poker are always generous.

Some free video poker machine games even have a 99% RTP. In some games, playing with the perfect strategy yields over 100%! How is this possible? How can a casino offer a game that can win more than 100%? Doesn’t that bring the casino a loss? It would be yes if everyone would play according to the perfect strategy. The truth is, however, that the vast majority of gamblers are unfamiliar with the whole strategy. If you learn it and find the right game, you can win much.