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Quaboag Riders Motorcycle Club

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Quaboag Riders Motorcycle Club

The Quaboag Riders host a number of Motorcycle Hill Climbs, 4 x 4 Truck Drag Races, HillClimbs, Motorcycle Runs, Trail Rides and Misc Fund Raisers. Come out and join us or schedule your own event with us!


The Quaboag Riders Motorcycle Club was founded in 1944 and is one of the oldest Motorcycle Clubs in the USA.  From its humble beginnings, the QRMC has grown to be one of the premier Motorsport Venues in the Northeast.  Home to the famed Monson Monster, the QRMC is looking forward to it's best year ever.  The QRMC again will host the Jeep Go Topless Day on May 18th, and the first ever Monson Woodstock Music Festival.  See you on the Hill!



Next Event: This SUNDAY!

M/C Hill Climb!  Sept 28


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August 25th RESULTS